Igor Kreyman - Intuitive Guide


We’re all born with intuition, it’s a natural ability we all have. The word itself comes from the Latin “in-tuire”, which can be translated as ‘knowing from within’.

We cultivate our connection to our intuition through learning how to tap into our creative energy, most commonly referred to as “prana”, or “life force energy.”

My passion involves being a bridge for people to amplify their intuitive abilities so that they are able accurately interpret messages, information, or data that comes through into their physical body, providing them them with the ability to make decisions that will transform the quality of their life.


Through deepening our connection to our inner world, our outer world begins to match and reflect the same resonance we’ve created from within. Therefore how we feel on the inside is now beginning to materialise the same way on the outside. This works within the universal law of cause and effect.

How can this help me personally?

When we are attuned to our innate creative energy, we are assisted to instinctively feel and identify how to best shift any potential imbalances or blocks that are held within our mental, emotional, physical or spiritual bodies.

 Our creative energy is inherent within all of us, we were most familiar with this state of being or “flow state” as children, and our ability to act from this place came very naturally.

 As we developed through our teen and early adult years, we adopted programs and conditioning which may have not necessarily been in alignment with our true state of being. As a result, this created confusion, resistance and mistrust around our own ability to navigate our way through the world using our internal guidance system.

Therefore I guide people to raise their awareness around the subtle energy fields which pertain to the messages they receive from their guidance system, so they can make decisions which will best serve them in any area of their lives.

 Your intuition Is like a muscle, the more you work it, the more you are connected to it.

We will be navigating through..

-  Discovering your innate creative ability to heal yourself.
- Strengthening your connection to your intuition.
- Discovering your unique gifts to share with the world.
- Dissolving the layers that keep you from embodying your true self.
- Increasing your level of confidence when communicating with others.
- Recognising your true worth and value.
- Developing self love and acceptance
- Increase levels of intimacy within your relationships.
- Become aware of how to navigate the world with conscious sensitivity.
- Learn how to meditate and eye-gaze.
- Increase your levels of discernment.
- Become comfortable and developing a loving relation with your body.

Healing modalities used in session:

Intuitive counselling

 A two-way discussion process that encourages the client to raise their awareness around how to bring resolution to the problem areas that they have been challenged by. 

Eye Gazing

 Eye Gazing is a powerful relational based therapy where we learn to experience deeper levels of connection that satisfy our innate biological desires to be seen heard, valued and understood.

Pranic Healing

 A no-touch healing technique which will restore balance to the energetic composition of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body.

 -       Sessions will also involve guided meditations, and print outs to help you with your own self-education around your journey.

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