What We Do



Corporate Workshops

We create a safe environment for employee's to be themselves and discover more effective ways of communicating through Eye Contact.

Public Speaking

Bringing focus to the importance of human connection during rapid technological advancement, how to build authentic relationships with those around you, how to communicate effectively in all areas of your life, investigating subconscious blocks and the power of how our beliefs hold in influencing our reality.


One on One Sessions

Eye Gazing has been scientifically proven to have many self-referential and therapeutic qualities. This is a safe environment for you to been seen for who you truly are and let go of what is no longer serving you.


Monthly Eye Gazing Workshops

Different to our Monthly Public Events, this is an intimate gathering of maximum 16 people that meet once a month to Eye Gaze in silence and journey together to discover whatever it is that awaits us in each moment.

If you feel the need to be seen, and connect with other's on a deeper level, this is a great environment for you to just be and let go of whatever doesn't serve you.


For more information please contact igor@thehumanconnectionmovement.org.au