We bridge new ways to transform societies by facilitating transformational experiences that connect humanity.

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Key Note Speaking

Igor's speech topics include; the importance of human connection during a time rapid technological advancement, the power of eye contact, authentic connection, emotional inteligence, effective communication,  intuition, empathy, and global interconnection.

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Master of Ceremonies - Facilitator

Do you have a conference, event, wedding or celebration coming up? Igor specialises in creating high impact engagement with large groups, to connect, align and unite the audience.


Immersion Journeys

Immerse is a Full day journey of sound healing, eye gazing, breath-work, ecstatic Dance, contact improv, health coaching and Vegan goodies.

We work with diverse artists, musicians, facilitators and change makers that will help us integrate all aspects of self, connection to others and our communities.


Advanced Eye Contact Workshops

A gateway to go deeper into connection  & authentic relating with another, experience the dissolution of separation and go beyond limited perceptions to achieve a unified state of awareness.


Eye Gazing Events

Are you looking to observe someone go from stranger to friend within minutes? this is a safe space to attend one of our event's and experience genuine connection and interpersonal transformation through non-verbal eye contact.

For more information please contact igor@thehumanconnectionmovement.org.au