The Journey Home - 3 Week Eye Gazing Series - Nov 7, Nov 14th, 21st

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The Journey Home - 3 Week Eye Gazing Series - Nov 7, Nov 14th, 21st

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3 WEEK Eye Gazing Series

- Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?

- Are you looking to experience true intimacy and meaningful connection with others without having to say a word?

- Are you looking to strengthen your intuition?

- Are you ready to embody your most authentic self?

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Eye Gazing is a powerful relational based therapy where we learn to experience deeper levels of connection that satisfy our innate biological desires to be seen heard, valued and understood.

Whether you’re a dreamer with a vivid imagination or you’re lacking inspiration and feel stuck about where to go next:

“The Journey Home” is a 3-week Eye Gazing series designed for people to learn how to connect meaningfully with others, embody their most authentic self and connect to their intuition in a creative and exciting way so that they never feel alone again.

☫ WHY? 

For thousands of years, humans have been using storytelling to better understand themselves, billions of people have been utilising story to celebrate their culture, religion, individual expression, customs, beliefs and individuality. 

When we eye gaze, we are choosing to move beyond the physical characteristics that conventionally separate us so that we are able to connect to the true reality of what we are experiencing moment to moment, and this.. like any other story, is the entry point that allows us to get in touch with the essence of what is calling us to discover who we truly are, our purpose and what it means to be human. 


1. Your relationships and ability to connect with friends, family or intimate partners meaningfully.
2. The level of intimacy you are able to experience with others.
3. Your level of confidence when communicating with others.
4. How comfortable you feel within yourself.
5. Your intuition and ability to respond from your heart space when feeling challenged.
6. Your capacity to feel empathy and compassion for others
7. How to discern truth from falsehood.



Before we begin eye-gazing we have a few exercises that will prepare us for so that we are ready to connect with others in a relaxed manner with an open heart.

1. A Guided meditation to connect to let go of anything you are holding onto so that you feel safe, secure, light and connected to your heart.

2. Ingesting cacao, a powerful superfood that contains plenty of antioxidants. Benefits: Heart opening, enhances meditation. Provides you with mental clarity, and energy. (Taste like chocolate)

3. Awakening the senses with Moringa Oil infused with Blue lotus to relax you, lift your mood and calm the central nervous system. 

4. A movement based exercise to tap into the inner workings of our body and release any stagnant energy is that is keeping us from being an open channel to prepare for heart to heart communication


1. Four variations of eye gazing practices which will involve complete stillness through to very light and subtle physical movement that will allow you to go on an exciting journey of connection with others. 


1. A sharing circle to end the experience so we can end the experience with any insight that has come through for us so we are able to use this to strengthen our practice.

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- $210 per person 


-Private Facebook Community 
-20 minute call prep discussion call.
-Answers to any questions you have throughout your journey after the experience.

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DATE SCHEDULE - Every Wednesday for 3 weeks. (Starts 31st of October)

WEEK 1 -- 7th of November 6:45pm-10:15pm
WEEK 2 -- 14th of November 6:45-pm-10:15pm
WEEK 3 -- 21st of November 6:45-pm-10:15pm

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HEART SPACE MANOR - A beautiful candle lit location that will blow you away.

ADDRESS: 45 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction

Free parking available on street after 6pm-
(3 min walk from Bondi Junction Station and Bus Terminal) 

TIME :6:45pm-10:15pm 


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- Filtered water and bathroom facilities available.
- Please bring a bottle of water.
- Cushions provided.

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"It’s just so nice with eye gazing, you connect with people on their authentic level, you connect with people beyond their masks, beyond their labels, beyond their stories, you really connect with people with their true essence” - Ellen Aarts

“Eye gazing is waking me up to my soul, so how does that look in my life, my lifelong anxiety is shifting, my relationships are improving… try it, experience magic.”

" Beautifully run, safe space created from the beginning & loved the background of how eye gazing transformed your life. The energy of the room was out of this world!"

“Eye gazing is truly transformational, there are no words to capture it, it connects you to your soul, life will never be the same.” – Cheryl Hockey.

"It was really comforting, warm and relaxing, i felt how powerful the mindfulness that comes through holding eye contact and how it can really level me out, relax, make me feel really calm and peaceful in such a short period of time." Joshua

In the beginning i felt a bit of apprehension and nervousness, but when I got into it i felt really calm and at peace, i think people should be experiencing this as soon as possible!"

"I felt it was a very safe space where I could be my truest self. I felt informed, welcome and comfortable to embrace the eyegazing."


Igor is the founder of The Human Connection Movement, an innovative social enterprise that specialises in providing safe containers for people to experience meaningful authentic connection and belonging.

He is championing the importance of human connection at a time where loneliness, social isolation and poor mental health are at epidemic levels.

Over the last 2.5 years Igor has helped organise and facilitate over 250+ eye gazing events across 13 countries, alongside 60 volunteers with thousands of participants in attendance.

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