Eye Gazing Workshop Sydney October 31st

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Eye Gazing Workshop Sydney October 31st

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Have you ever locked eyes with someone from across the room and both wordlessly knew exactly what was going on?

~ Are you interested in discovering and developing your innate intuitive faculties?

~ Are looking for a safe environment to truly go beyond the surface and expand your perceptual filter?

~ Are you interested in cultivating real, meaningful, authentic connection and belonging?

~ Are you ready to enter a safe space to have fun and let go?

This unique crafted workshop will provide a safe container for people to be truly seen, heard, valued and understood in a deeply satisfying soulful way.

Words are capable of spinning tales equal of fiction and fact, but the heart never lies. It can tell only the truth, and the truth is always expressed in a persons eyes.

Through the practise of gazing, the tactile sensations, the emotional feelings, the pulsations and tidal flows of bodily energy are kindled and brought to awareness. We then learn to accept and honour them exactly as they are without judgement, for once they have been accepted, the process of surrender can spontaneously begin.Through the deeply organic process of surrender, we're ushered back to the source of being that is paradoxically both our destiny and our origin.

What you will learn:

- how to read subtle energy.
- how to create energetic boundaries
- how to facilitate equal-giving and receiving
- how to cultivate deeper trust in your being
- discernment of energy and environment.
- how to decipher messages and learn to trust insight that comes through non-verbally.
- how to meditate with another through eye contact
- how to create more intimacy in your life.


Loft & Earth

ADDRESS: 70 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction, Bondi Junction 2022

TIME: 6:45pm-10pm

- Chairs, Cushions, Filtered water Bathroom facilities provided.

  • Please bring a water bottle