How We Connect With Your School

As an organisation we facilitate positive behavioural change by developing students’ social and emotional well-being through mindfulness methodology which has a profound effect on learning, regulating emotion, and cultivating deeper interpersonal connection among students and teachers.

Benefits for children.

-       Improved memory and concentration
-       Increased confidence and self-esteem
-       Increase in creativity.
-       Enables better interaction with peers.
-       Children exhibit more compassion towards one another.
-       Decrease in social anxiety.
-       Decrease in bullying, anxiety and depression.
-       Decrease in stress levels

 Benefits for Teachers

-       Increase in ability to deal with problems calmly.
-       Increase in compassion
-       Increase in empathy
-       Relationships with students improve
-       Decrease in stress, anxiety & depression.
-       Decrease in burn out levels.

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