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Look up!

The picture you see above was from our first Sydney event in April 2016.

We were hoping for a turn out of about 30-40 people, we had no idea that over 100 sydneysiders would show up to Hyde park to gaze into each other’s eyes silently.

We had so much positive feedback that it made sense for us to then follow up with another event the next month, photo below.

Second Eye Gazing Event Sydney

Second Eye Gazing Event Sydney

Something was clearly working.

So the next month Igor flew over to Melbourne to hold an event at Federation Square, long story short within a few months we had expanded across every main city in Australia and within a year we were global.

First Melbourne Eye Gazing Event in Federation Square.

First Melbourne Eye Gazing Event in Federation Square.

To this date we’ve held over 400 workshops across 16 countries with tens of thousands of participants in attendance.

Due to the media interest we’ve received, millions of people around the globe now know about eye gazing and The Human Connection Movement.

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One of the most common questions we get is “How did you come up with the idea to start the movement.” and Igor Kreyman’s response is always the same “I didn’t start the movement, the movement started me.

No one could have predicted this was going to happen.


Over the last 3.5 years Eye Gazing has swept the world by storm due to its ability to radically dissolve barriers between people and connect humanity very quickly.

As a global society we are currently at a tipping point in many areas, but what we’re specifically referring to is that of our lack of human connection.

The problem we’re facing is that even though it may seem as a society that we are digitally connected, on a social level we are extremely disconnected.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 9.50.53 pm.png

We’ve gone from knocking on our friends door to find out if they’re home, to checking each other’s insta stories as a way to check up on each other.

We ‘re spending excessive amounts of our time curating digital profiles in order to create an image of ourselves which doesn’t accurately depict who we actually are.

This creates a disconnect between who we are in reality and the image we portray online, this then naturally filters through into influencing the quality of all of our relationships.


As a result of this, it’s no surprise that we’re facing a loneliness and mental health epidemic globally and even a suicide epidemic amongst men here in Australia.

DSC05019 (1).jpg

In April 2018 we decided that we wanted to take all of the learnings we had experienced from our public events and curate a guided Eye Gazing workshop as a powerful catalyst to unlock deeper interpersonal connection through stillness, movement, dance, singing and music.

Igor 2.jpg

It became a creative development process where as Igor evolved with his understanding of the effects and benefits, so did the craft.

During this unveiling in early 2018, Amy Pareezer jumped onboard who has been a huge support, advocate and co-facilitator to date.

Cheeky Family photo at one of our Eye Gazing Workshops

Cheeky Family photo at one of our Eye Gazing Workshops

Igor then went on to travel across Australia spreading the workshops in different cities, working with different communities and festivals on a mission to connect people.


After 4 years of learnings, reflection, insight and witnessing the impact that the Eye Gazing workshops were having on people around world, he decided it was time to create “The Human Connection Movement™ Method”


The purpose of the method was to streamline the technique in a way that could be implemented into any industry or environment.

One of our highlights was the opportunity to begin working with children, as you can imagine, children are most vulnerable to the technological and environmental changes that are occuring within our planet.

It’s no cliche to say that children are the future leaders of our planet, and in many ways they are our current leaders.

Through this unveiling we’ve been given the gift and honour of introducing our mindfulness program into schools to assist children with raising their interpersonal awareness so that they can make decisions which will unlock their highest potential.

Kids hands 2.jpg

Alongside education we’ve been working very closely with corporate organisations, assisting them to cultivate a culture of social wellbeing through enhancing open communication, increasing synergy amongst teams and nurturing interpersonal connections so employee’s feel a sense of belonging and connection.


Another key area we knew would have a transformative effect was working with artists.

Due to Igor’s acting background he understood how significant this work would be in regards to assisting artists with dissolving of any emotional, psychological blocks or masks that keep them from embodying their most authentic self and expressing their truth.

unnamed (3).jpg

So this is where we are at right now, there’s a lot more of course that actually happened but this will give you a good understanding of how we got to where we are.

The Human Connection Movement is an ever evolving creative development process, nothing is fixed, but one thing is certain..

Our deepest desire, underneath all of the underlying complexities.

Is this:

To be SEEN for who WE truly are.

Thank you card from Grade 8 Students Post Program

Thank you card from Grade 8 Students Post Program