Since April we have been facilitating free event's across Australia. This November we hosted our first event in the United States and we're currently setting up event's in South Africa, India and New Zealand to go live 1st QTR 2017. Your donations will enable us to continue spreading our message and ensure that Eye Gazing is accessible like water to everyone across the world.

In order to achieve this we require the necessary resource allocation to ensure we can work full time for humanity and shift the consciousness of what it means to communicate effectively.

We have a deep knowing within us that is driving our desire to expand our reach and show the world, through experience how therapeutic, heart opening and healing the gift of human connection really is and with this knowing we want to ensure that as we expand our global initiative, that we don't have to compromise in any way shape or form in our ability to give people the opportunity to experience something that has such potent potential to shift their awareness and change their lives.

By supporting The Human Connection Movement, you are enabling us to change the narrative from indifference to compassion, from anxiety to belief, from hatred to kindness, and from fear to to love. We, together, are shifting the consciousness of humanity, one gaze at time. Thank you for reading.