We're here to change the way people interact with each other. 

This initiative is about binding people together so that we can collectively co-create a new reality where authenticity and vulnerability is at the essence of each interaction.  

Identity and sense of self is a common theme in which the collective finds itself in struggling with.

Society likes to dictate  gender roles, sexuality and abbreviations for how, what and in which way people should live their lives.

Human beings cannot be defined through rigid structures that compartmentalise people for self-serving benefits. All the people of the earth are unique and special, and we are here to acknowledge everyone for who they truly are, and break down any barriers that keep us from connecting with each other.

So instead of living out of fear and separation we are here to promote love.

So if this is something you resonate with you should come to one of our events and share some eye contact with someone you've never before.

If you have any enquiries please free to contact us at igor@thehumanconnectionmovement.org.au