Originally, Igor’s motivation behind creating the movement was simply described by his frustration around why people found it so difficult to make or maintain eye contact. There was always a curiosity in his mind as to where the actual disconnection stemmed from and why it was occuring.

In the beginning, Eye Gazing was also a great way for Igor, being an actor, to become more physically present and aware, to ensure that there was an equal balance of listening and responding (giving and receiving).

He then came to notice the implications of which the rapid advancement of technology, primarily social media, had been influencing the way we connect & relate with one another. His concern came from the fact that much of our society began investing increasingly more amounts of time their defining themselves and their identity through their digital / online profile, rather than their physical reality.

Igor believes that although technology has provided us with a multitude of entry points to connect with people around the world, the actual physical, emotional, and mental benefits that derive from these connections do not sustain nor compare to the benefits that come through face-to-face human connection.

THCM was then formed for the purpose of facilitating direct, measurable and
instantaneous global change by educating individuals on the self-referential benefits that are stimulated through eye contact and how this practice can be used to release barriers between people, increase levels of empathy, confidence, perceptive abilities and self-love.

Since April 2016, THCM has facilitated over 100 + FREE eye Gazing Events consistently on a MONTHLY basis to 10,000 +participants in countries all over the world including, Australia, Mumbai, New Zealand, Austria, Spain, U.K,  U.S, Ireland, The Netherlands and Italy.

THCM has rapidly developed recognition from the local, state wide and international communities for the services they provide having appeared in The Guardian, News.com.au, Daily Mail Australia, News Corp - Body and Soul Magazine, ABC – Triple J Hack and 2Ser Radio, SBS, ABC TV Prime Time News, ABC Radio with Chris Taylor, Sverige Radio Sweden, PlayGround, Canvas (NZ Herald) they assisted SBS with casting of their upcoming TV documentary series “Look Me In The Eye”, VICELAND, German Psychology and Life Style magazine (Emotion) where Igor appeared in a segment with Marina Abramovic as well as a segment in a recent Catalyst ABC documentary.

Igor has gone on to create strategic partnerships with educational companies to role out workshop's and course's set in living an authentic life, finding your purpose, effective communication, as well as key note speaking.

Igor is also an actor who can be seen in his latest independent film “One Less God” a psychological thriller based on the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, it premiered at the famous Chinese Graumans Theatre in Los Angeles on June the 8 th 2017, as part of the “Dances With Films” Festival where they won the Grand Jury Prize & Industry choice award out of 2100+ films. The film will be releasing in cinemas worldwide in late November. Date TBC.