“The new definition of a billionaire is someone who can positively affect the lives of a billion people.”

It's simple, we create a safe environment for you to be seen for who you truly are...

What is eye gazing?

When you eye gaze you're not just staring into someone's eyes,you are seeing beyond the physical qualities of whom you sit with, your senses allow you to perceive the truth of each moment, showing you the in explicable unity that exists between each and every one of us. 

Eye Gazing shows us that the influence we have on the world around us is more significant then we realise, and through this process we are able to come into a deeper alignment with our purpose.

Through it's experience we open up to new streams of awareness, shifting the way we see and relate to the world around us..


We are a global movement facilitating direct change by showing humanity on an experiential level the self-referential benefits that occur through as something as simple as holding Eye Contact.

Where are we right now?

We began holding event's in Sydney, Australia in April 2016 and quickly spread across the country. We now facilitate monthly events worldwide thanks to our wonderful global network of facilitators. Countries include Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, Spain, United States and the United Kingdom.

We are always looking for new volunteers.


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